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Better engagement through personalization
for those last minute changes for weekly video updates for automated event reminders for meeting room changes


Easy to use controls

You don't need a degree in nerd. Anyone on your staff can easily create and update posts.

  • Web-based - no need for another app
  • iOS and Android compatible - works on the go

Many departments made simple

There's always more to talk about than bulletin inches or announcement time can handle. So things get missed.

All announcements from your departments are really important to someone. Otherwise you wouldn't be doing it, right? Sadly, some of the smaller groups don't get a voice. With a simple department / channel system, no one gets left behind.

Fully customizable to fit your church:

  • Setup your own departments and channels
  • Arrange them however you'd like
  • Represent each department with a recognizable color


Get to know your family

with powerful, personal feedback

  • Total users vs. known attendance
  • Feed views by department / channel
  • Story interactions by department / channel
  • Social media engagement
  • and tons more!
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This is amazing, I am so excited! It’s going to change everything!
— Jessica Henderson, Comm Director (
I’m so glad to finally see an app that connects our church family so easily.
— Mark Rampulla, Pastor (