Valuable knowledge

Get a better view into what's important to your church family

A wide variety of metrics for useful insights:

  • Learn what's important to your attendees
  • Age demographics on large and personal level
    • Average age of the whole church
    • Breakdown of age groups
  • Most popular departments (and which ones might need help)
  • Engagement level in different programs
  • Sharing details to social media
  • Individual and group responses to important questions
  • Details on attendees interests and engagement level


Get a high level overview

With the dashboard as the first section, you and your team are always up-to-date on the latest

 Dashboard that helps build a clear picture into the group

Understand the group better

More than just a list of users, it's a clear view at the group as a whole

 Member metrics can be useful for understanding your family

Ask questions, get easy to understand answers

Using our Simple Response system, you can add a question to any post and visually see the results

For the user

For the church staff