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Give your all your attendees a personal experience

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Not just an app,
a full communications platform

Not everyone opens emails, and there are so many things happening on Facebook and other social networks that your announcements can get lost in the mix. Aware allows your announcements to be seen by the eyes that want to see them. It's a win-win — you reach the people you want to reach, and the people get the information that they want to see.


Empower your whole staff

With a simple interface and controllable user levels, you can easily include your whole team.



Real time feedback

Our Simple Response system allows you to ask for feedback in any announcement you make.

Drill down analytics

Get as detailed or as broad as you like. You'll get a clear picture of who and what people are engaging with. 

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Easy video announcements

Post your video updates to any channel from YouTube or Vimeo. The users can watch directly in the app.


Simple, self-teaching controls

Our system has a built-in training guide that continues on every time you add a staff member.
You don't have to continually train new staff on the platform — we handle it!

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Everyone can make beautiful looking announcements

Auto images

Many studies say that content with an image receives more engagement. With integrations from free stock imagery, it's really easy to find that perfect image... without the endless googling. If you don't want to find an image, no biggie. Our system will fill in one from a pool of automatic backgrounds chosen by your admin.

Super easy formatting

You don't have to teach your staff some crazy editor. Our system asks simple questions and, based on the answers, the post is automatically formatted in a way that makes it easy to understand for the audience. 



No more "We'll have to talk about it next week"

You've got a lot going on and it's tough to distill all of it down sometimes. Some things can't make the Sunday morning cut.

Every department gets a voice

Pretty much anyone you want to give voice to can have their own channel. The users can subscribe to ALL of the things that interest them. Because they chose it, there's a much higher engagement level.

Built in approvals process

Communications directors don't have to manage a crazy request process for who gets to make into the email newsletter or the slides on Sunday. 


The problem this solves:

The basic ideas behind current communication tools are NOT working.

Unfortunately, the "wide net method" of putting out tons of info and hoping people find it across multiple platforms, is failing us. Peoples' lives are entirely driven by their choices (who they follow, what they "like"). This platform is designed to meet the people where they are... in a world of personal choice.

By showing people what interests them,
it always feels relevant and engaging.