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Communicate with all your attendees on a personal level

While learning valuable insights on a large scale

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Cut through the noise

Current methods aren't guaranteed to reach the right people.
Connect directly and personally with individuals.


A personal experience for every user

Church involvement is based on that personal connection that comes from a small group of friends. Our customized system brings that personal style of connection to a large group.

Powerful insights

Real time feedback, broad metrics, and per person details, you can see a very clear picture of a large or small group of people. 

Details on Insights


Empower your entire team
to easily connect with the audience


Everyone, down to small group leaders, can access a portion of the communications stream.


Everyone can create beautiful graphics

Many studies say that content with an image receives more engagement. With integrations from free stock imagery, it's really easy to find that perfect image... without the endless googling. 

No more bulletin bottleneck

Communications directors don't have to manage a crazy request process for who gets to make it into the email newsletter or the slides on Sunday. 

Genius Bar level support

Onboarding doesn't have to be awful or expensive. Our dedicated support staff are here to help you AND your team. You're not stuck answering all the questions by yourself.


Questions that seem to haunt most churches:

How can we gain more communication bandwidth?

There's a lot going on at churches. So many great things that it's impossible to fit in the stream of bulletins, emails, and for your pastor to talk about it all. We've heard of pastors being begged between services to announce something from stage.

How do we know our programs are being effective?

Most new programs take money and time, which is sometimes in short supply. It's really difficult to gauge if they're being effective, since matters of the heart are mostly immeasurable. 

How can we stop creating so much content that we're not sure is being seen?

The creatives on staff spend so much time making graphics and videos for emails, social media, slides, and many other places. To some extent, they know they won't be see by everyone, which can be really disheartening.


From our beloved early churches:

This is amazing. It’s going to change everything!
— Jessica Henderson, Comm Director
I’m really happy to finally see a system that connects our church family so easily.
— Mark Rampulla, Senior Pastor